FAN-COOLED! That’s what makes Traveling Breeze’s line of cooling products like no other. Our cooling products are designed to keep you cool and comfortable as you enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities – from lounging around the pool, to watching a ball game, to just kicking back on the patio.

The Traveling Breeze  patented technology integrates efficient battery powered fans. The highly portable products deliver 4-10 hours (depending on battery source) of refreshing cooling. Beyond helping people to stay cool and refreshed, moving air has been shown to serve as an effective natural mosquito repellent. Imagine enjoying the outdoors while staying cool and free from mosquitoes. All of our fan-cooled products make the perfect unique gift for Mothers Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays and Christmas.

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WOW! Is the only way to describe the 11 degree surface temperature drop after you turn on your Traveling Breeze fan-cooled product.

Temperatures  of the chair fabric are registered at 91 degrees before our camping chair fans are turned on. Watch this compelling video as we capture, with an infrared camera,  the dramatic surface temperature change (time lapse is over a 72 seconds). Now you don’t have to imagine how much cooler it will feel now you can see it!

Check Out All Of Our Unique Cooling Products

Fan Cooled Pillow

Our fan-cooled pillow will keep you cool inside or outside. Our quiet fans provide a soothing breeze just where you need it. Lightweight and portable, take it anywhere!

Fan-Cooled Sports/
Camping Chair

Enjoy hours of comfort in the durable, lightweight Air-C18 portable fan-cooled chair with rechargeable battery, charger and carry bag. Let everyone else sweat it out while the high-flow fans quietly provide a gentle breeze cooling your head, neck, shoulders and back.

Fan-Cooled Beach/Event Chair

The lightweight, portable Beach Event Chair is perfect for concerts in the park, fishing by the lake and any other outdoor activity. Relax as fans push air over your head, neck, shoulders and back.

Fan-Cooled Zero Gravity Relaxer

The Zero Gravity chair invented by NASA just got better! We have added fans to the back to keep you cool in the warm months. Imagine relaxing in a chair that is not only extremely comfortable but is fan-cooled as well.

Fan-Cooled Stadium Chair

Tired of sitting and sticking to hard benches or bleachers? The Fan-Cooled Stadium Chair features back support, comfort, portability and a fan-cooled battery operated cooling system all for your enjoyment.

More Exciting Products To Come!

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Can’t wait? Order Your Air C-18 12-V Camping Sports Chair Today!

We have the world’s first and only portable, fan-cooled chair.  The camping chair, along with our other fan-cooled products,  delivers a quiet, powerful airflow over your back and neck to keep you comfortable and cool.  Rechargeable battery, battery smart charger and handy carrying bag make this chair a convenience you can’t live without.

The Air C-18 12-V uses the rechargeable batteries
only and does not accept the Eco-Adapter.

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Air-C 18 12-V Blue

Available only through the Traveling Breeze Website only.

Eco Adapter

Saving money and the environment is on everyone’s mind. With our Eco-Adapter you can seamlessly switch from powering your chair, or any of our fan-cooled products, (except the Air C 18 12-V) with disposable batteries to a portable cellphone charger. Enjoy the same cooling comfort for hours at a time while helping the environment.

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Air-EC 18 6-V Blue

Available in red and blue at Ace Hardware only.

Why Everyone Loves to Feel the Breeze!

“Works really well on a hot day! I take it to all my sons soccer games and am always at a comfortable temperature!”
“Awesome idea! the fan in the chair feels great! perfect of any sticky day!”
“We use this at our kids sporting events! Big difference and highly recommend buying one.”
“Sounded like a good idea so I bought it for myself as an early fathers day present. I was impressed when I sat in it for sure. Quality looks good and it does indeed cool you as you sit. Great idea!”